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Lech vs. Lech: Prof. Cenckiewicz on the roots of attacks on Lech Kaczyński

Lech vs. Lech: Prof. Cenckiewicz on the roots of attacks on Lech KaczyńskiPublished: July 18, 2017

Cimoszewicz (former communist apparatchik) has one argument typical for people of his background like Lech Wałęsa - he has been cleared in the lustration process. He did not face any indictment for lying in the lustration process.


However, the documentation from the times he was subjected to the lustration process did not survive, apart from bits and pieces, which are not sufficient to reconstruct the full scope of his activity under the communist regime. However, materials that survived confirm that he was registered (as a communist agent), and include several opinions about his activity as an agent for Department I of the Ministry of Interior, when he was granted the Fullbright scholarship. These documents survived,” said Sławomir Cenckiewicz in Minęła dwudziesta program on TVP Info, when commenting on Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz’s involvement in the recent anti-government protests sponsored by Obywatele RP opposition group.


Another guest on the program, Piotr Woyciechowski, also commented on the demonstration by Obywatele RP. “Back in 1992, on June 4, there was a similar alliance between the same people in order to overthrow the Olszewski government. Today’s barbaric situation on the streets of Warsaw during the Smolensk crash monthly commemorations represents a prepared provocation carried out by those from the Solidarity elites, who compromised their ideals and went for collaboration with the communists under the pretense of assuring evolutionary “takeover of power” to guarantee that no harm was to be done to the primary elites,” Woyciechowski said.


He also talked about Piotr Niemczyk, the former chief of the Office for State Protection, who took part in recent anti-government protests. “Piotr Niemczyk, a former activist of many underground organizations, former founder of Wolność i Pokój organization, an extremely important person for the weekly underground magazine Mazowsze, who subsequently became a founder of Gazeta Wyborcza, ROAD, and later became the General Secretary of the Union of Freedom Party. It is no wonder that he joined the group, as SB agents constituted the foundation of the Office for State Protection, as well as the intelligence activity of that institution,” Woychechowski stated.


Cenckiewicz also commented on Niemczyk. “His role was crucial. He was the author of the famous instruction 0015/92 from October 1992, which regulated the entire plan of actions against Wałęsa’s opposition,” he said, adding that “a basic rule of a democratic state has been broken, i.e. the usage of intelligence services to invigilate legally operating forces.”


“It was a friend of Lityński, Jacek Kuroń, who was responsible for Lesiak’s case. Kuroń’s authority helped Lesiak to get into the services, despite his negative verification (in the lustration process). Kuroń was the godfather of the scandal known as the “invigilation of right-wing,” said Woyciechowski.


Woyciechowski further commented on the Office for State Protection, after all an institution established already in the post-communist Poland. “The first leaders of this Office were infected with a certain bug. They glorified the world of intelligence services as described by old (communist) agents, and identified with it through past business links, recruitment, or simply their fascination with it,” explained Woyciechowski.


Cenckiewicz recalled Colonel Lesiak’s instruction regarding Jarosław Kaczyński. “He needs to be fought against with all possible means. Slander, special operations, intelligence. In this respect today’s demonstration leaders are orphans. The group led by Niemczyk knows very well that Lesiak’s plan they once supported needs to be put (back) in action,” he said.


Source: wpolityce.pl
Translation: JD
Photo: klubinteligencjipolskiej.pl