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I am a Post-Smolensk Child

I am a Post-Smoleńsk Mother and WidowPublished: April 13, 2019


And so, it will remain that way. From that terrible April morning, when the news went around the world about the crash of the plane, about the death of the Polish President and the Elite of the Polish Nation, when, for the second time, there, on that land where bloody dew still drips from the trees - the Polish heart broke - I am no longer alone ... neither the same ...

Ordinary human mind is unable to comprehend what happened in the Smolensk forest, what was later quickly smothered into the Smolensk mud and the matter was locked.

I'm a Post-Smoleńsk Orphan. That morning, Poland was murdered. Her right to be a proud nation, her right to the truth, to worship her heroes ... That moment, a knife was stuck into my white and red heart...

I am a Post-Smoleńsk Mother and Widow. I feel like them, suffer, think, seek, and pray... I light candles, bring flowers to the Smolensk plaque, which I placed in our church together with a handful of the same Post Smolensk Orphans. The plaque has a very special shape... similar to the heart ... because this is the shape of My Fatherland...

I am a Post-Smolensk Wound... It will not heal until all filth, vileness, lies, cynicism, mockery, all this horrible evil will be overcome in this shameful fight - through the truth. The wound probably will never stop hurting ... but let it heal a bit, even though ... it cannot be healed with a membrane of vileness.

I belong to the Post-Smoleńsk Family. I have many Sisters and Brothers. I do not even know how many, but I feel Their closeness. We are connected by LACK.

Because we miss very much Those who were betrayed at dawn... that morning... in that forest... where bloody Katyń dew is still dripping from the trees...

I am a Post-Smoleńsk Child. My home was attacked. My Dearest Ones were murdered. They were stripped of their dignity in life and after death... What kind of death - only the perpetrators and God know.

Grandma taught me that He is the Just Judge.

Grandma always knew what she was saying.

By Krystyna Śliwińska, Teacher from Duszniki Zdrój, Poland.

Source: Blogpublika.com April 2, 2014
Photo: Miller’s Report