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Thinking of my Homeland

Thinking of my HomelandPublished: January 12, 2016


We are witnessing a total denial of the results of the latest parliamentary elections by the prior ruling coalition of PO (Civic Platform), PSL (Polish Peasants’ Party) and post- communists, who, having ruled for the last 8 years, cannot accept that the Poles no longer want their rule, the rule filled with numerous scandals, corruption, arrogance, and damaging actions for Poland and the Poles, our tradition, culture and economy. PO and the post communists do not accept that they lost the elections and someone else will lead the country for the next 4 years.


Prior coalition of PO/PSL and post-communists tried very hard for 8 years to root out our “Polishness,” weaken and destroy the Polish Church, humiliate Polish priests and Polish Catholics; we were discriminated in our attempts to develop the Catholic media, schools and other worthwhile civic initiatives (as Torun’s geothermal energy sources). The losing coalition is more dangerous to Poland than one might have thought. It undertakes activities which are extremely unscrupulous and detrimental to Poland.


Despite the lack of societal support, as evidenced by the last elections, they resist transferring state institutions to the new government, institutions they controlled for 8 years, or in fact since 1989, as a result of the Round Table arrangements. They treat these institutions as their own property, regardless of the outcome of the elections and changes that are taking place in Poland. A struggle is going on to take over the governing authorities of the Polish state from the hands of the post-communist usurpers who disregard the Polish law and the Polish people whom they call “mohair hats” (older generation) -- simply the patriots and the Polish voters -- whom they call “Polish fascists.”


Those who lost power believe that the Poles who voted them out simply lost their minds. And, as such, they are being described in their media as lunatics who made a terrible mistake in the last elections by giving the power to the wrong group in exchange for some empty promises like 150-dollar subsidy for a child, free prescription drugs for those over 75, lowering of the retirement age, giving parents back their right to their own children, etc. We should have left, as we are told 24/7 by their media, those modern progressive Europeans in power; those who believe that in Poland one must fight the Catholic Church and suppress the Polish spirit and nationalism, as they twist and try to discredit patriotism and the love of our country, in order to be liked by other countries.


Post-communists and their various sympathizers, refusing to accept PO’s defeat today insult other Poles by stating that they will not follow the rule of the Polish Constitution and the rule of law; that they will not stop until they overturn the current government, its President and Parliament. This is how, in their opinion, democracy works. Democracy – yes, but under the condition that they, the PO and post-communists, continue in power.


This insistence and refusal to submit to the will of the people and the rule of Polish law is becoming dangerous, as the radicals, who are few, want to overturn the new government using other Poles, who are misinformed and lied to, and they aim at PiS (the ruling Law and Justice Party) electorate as well.


Since the mutiny was announced by the public media, which realized that soon they would have to submit to the new management, they continue to lie, incite the public and set a Pole against a Pole, against the new government, calling on us to represent their interest in coming out to the streets and removing the newly elected government from power.


The contemporary Polish confederation of traitors, resembling the historical Targowica Confederation, is calling on Western demoralized leftist governments to come to its succor, even though those governments are a cause of moral decline of their own societies, and are now without much effort being subjugated by the Muslim invaders.

Those demoralized German, Belgian and Luxembourg politicians are those whom the losing Polish post-communists call upon for help in removing the current legal Polish government, in financing public demonstrations that the left wants to entice. They demand the European Union apply the harshest sanctions possible towards sovereign Poland and cut off its financial support.


Does anyone else in Poland still harbor any doubt as to the devious character of actions of the currently defeated PO-led coalition? The harshest attacks on Poland come from the German channels which declared and conduct a virtual media war against Poland by ridiculing the Poles’ choices and our new government or by casting calumnies on and lying about the Polish rule of law. They conduct it all by using Polish media, of which 90% remain in German hands.


Germany, which still has not fully compensated Poland for the losses and damages dating back to WWII, for the total destruction of Warsaw, arrogantly tell the Polish President and Parliament what to do and what not to do. Germany now defends its interests and influence in Poland, treating Poland as their economic colonial possession, as their market for German industrial goods and the source of cheap, yet scorned, Polish labor.

Germany and the EU even threaten to use force in bringing Poland “to heel.” These are the words which worry the Poles, but which should be heard with no particular emotion. Such requests for outside help, directed by PO, journalists of “Gazeta Wyborcza,” Mr. Petru of Nowoczesna, post- communists and other traitors only bring Poles even closer together.


The West today is incapable of defending itself against hundreds of thousands of Muslims, who were invited in out of political correctness and stupidity. Now, having earlier converted their men into women by means of gender policy, they are unable to defend their countries. But Poland has not submitted to these destructive trends, and in a moment of historic emergence, thanks to our mighty self-preservation instinct, we were able to change the government. Let’s stay together, let’s remember our heroic history, so disregarded and held in contempt by the old-communist Poland and post-communist PO. Let’s remember that Poland in the past helped defend the Christian European civilization against brutal Islam and Russian bolshevism. Now Poland is again passing another test of faith and moral strength. Our support today for the new government, the President and the Parliament means staying with the Christian values, staying with the Cross, knowing our patriotic and spiritual responsibility.


Let’s build resilience, keep calm, pray with the whole heart, and stand with the government, which as the only one in Europe, together with us, defends Christianity. And at the same time, it defends the Polish Catholic Church.


Statement by Professor Krystyna Pawłowicz, Ph.D., Polish Parliamentarian


Source: Radio Maryja
Translation: AMB/GMP
Photo: www.glosgminny.pl

Photo: youtube.com