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Guns fired by the Left against Trump use the same bullets as against Kaczyński

The Left in the media immediately began to build the „people’s front of resistance,” attempting to encompass as many areas as possible.Published: February 7, 2017


The presidential campaign is now over in the USA but it is still worth observing the events in Washington. First, because it is obviously very important for the future of Poland, as our security to a considerable degree depends on American foreign policy. Another reason is cognitive in nature – we can observe what kind of methods are used by the rejected elites and their media to fight against the new administration. By observing from a certain distance matters that are emotionally so close to us, it is easier to notice the manipulative models that are used on the other side of the Atlantic. They are surprisingly familiar, actually almost identical to those used by the radical left in Poland.

At the outset, right after the elections, „a wave of street protests surged through America.” They were unbelievably widely broadcast, but refraining from any judgement about their widely displayed vulgarity and lawlessness. The protesters were shown purportedly as representatives of the entire nation, completely ignoring the support the new president received at the ballot box. Like in Poland, after the victory of PiS led by Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczyński, one could have thought that it was not a democratic election that brought him to power but rather some Martians brought the new leaders from outer space and forcibly installed them for us.

The American Left immediately began to build through the media "the people’s front of resistance,” attempting to encompass as many areas as possible. The movie stars appealed to the electors not to follow their mandate to vote according to the results of the popular vote and not to elect the person whom the state voters had chosen. The boycott of the artistic program at the presidential inauguration was immediately implemented. When President Trump introduced new regulations on entry to the US from selected states that harbor terrorism, the largest cities announced their own immigration policy, CEOs of large companies promised aid to immigrants, and the universities issued appeals full of disdain and undertook acts of insubordination.

The next step was to cast aspersions on the new President, most of which were heavily charged emotionally. His foreign policy is naturally „belligerent,” he himself seems to have „authoritarian tendencies,” conducts „antidemocratic business” and everything is leading to „fascism.” In a method already well known in Poland, they are ridiculing and offending supporters of Trump: “the world is laughing at you” and “other nations look at it with disgust and contempt.”

And so on, and so forth… everything in the same tone. Word for word – like in Poland. The heaviest violent guns against a normal, democratic change.

We do not yet know what will be Trump’s place in history. We, as Poles, do not necessarily have to like everything he does. But no one can deny him determination, consistency, and most of all - rationality, despite this merit being so strongly challenged in his campaign.
Today we can acutely witness how undemocratic is the domination of the leftist ideology in the media and in public life. These are social groups everywhere, in Poland, Germany or America, that are not only unable to accept the victory of others, but first and foremost, are not capable of accepting the people who think differently.

And one more observation. It becomes increasingly clear how unequal the chances of the Solidarity Movement members in Poland were after 1989. People who were in Michnik / Walesa’s circles had access not only to much better financial resources but also had superior access to powerful sociotechniques. They were also phenomenally trained in methods of manipulating public opinion – methods that the far left has been succesfully practicing in Europe and in the US for decades now.


Written by Michal Karnowski, wpolityce.pl
Translation: ZK
Photo: polskieradio.pl