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TVN Diversionary Operations on Smolensk

I discover lies every timePublished: December 12, 2018


Watching TVN24 is obviously masochism. I must admit that from time to time I check what is the "truth of the day" for the current 24 hour news cycle there. I discover lies every time. On December 1, 2018, experiencing tortures (as I am not a masochist), I survived the program showing the last flight of Tu-154M. Escape forward? Before announcing soon of the final report of the "Macierewicz's Commission"? Despite everything, I survived until the end of the 45-minute film "The Power of Facts" [?!], waiting to see how far they would go with their lies. Unfortunately, they went without limit: Piotr Świerczek - without relying on the materials from the investigation [?], but using his own graphics instead [?] and known photos - shows minute by minute [?] and a centimeter by centimeter [?] how - according to prosecutor’s experts - the catastrophe took place.

Piotr Świerczek, supporting himself with the "authority" of "expert specialists," presented the "real" course of the "catastrophe." To these "professionals" the famous birch tree thickened up to 47 cm. To "the greatest expert" PhD in technical sciences Maciej Laskek, the birch thickened "only" up to 46 cm. According to the MAK and Miller commissions, the thickness of the "armored birch" was 30-40 cm (these are the accuracy of "professionals"!?). The birch stump has also grown from 5.5 to 6.5 m. Such is the privilege of Russian dead birches. In the eyes of the "professionals" not only birches grow but the entire "Birnam Forest."

Of course, he started with "bad" weather conditions and the fact that this flight should not have taken place. Nothing new - an old, already scratched record: "It should not go." Nothing new. "There should not be a March of Independence," TVN says, as it is "fascist." Sure. And - "one should not worship our Polish Patriots" - those who gave their lives for us, for the Poles.

Guilty are pilots (one can get lost in their numbers) who were "under-trained," "did not know languages," "made mistakes” as to the height. But how about their 3500 hours of flight experience, many flights to Russia, and the last one two days before the crash? They knew very well about the gorge too. The "crown" evidence of the cause of the "catastrophe" “was ... a report made by Gen. Blasik to President Lech Kaczyński." Apparently, had the President of Poland reported to the General, there would be no "catastrophe" there! Another terrible complaint "because Kaczyński was late." Well, he should have already waited onboard for all other participants of the "trip" and he "should" report the readiness to depart! Such customs are probably valid only in the Tusk-land. TVN's callousness knows no limits.

"Gen. Błasik, but also other people were in the cockpit," as if it was a living room and not a narrow cabin. But he is silent why there were no officers of the Government Protection Bureau (BOR) at the airport and no reliable witnesses. Perhaps that's how they avoided the "serial suicider." The technician Mus from Yak 40 who was there met the serial suicider quickly.


"The airplane was at least 63 m to the left of the runway axis." Fact! But the "innocent" controllers repeated many times: "on the course and on the path." Fact! They did not pay for it at all. On the contrary, they were all promoted or rewarded for ... "reliable service." Anyway, like Jerzy Miller responsible for BOR was awarded with the governorship, likewise Bogdan Klich, Minister of National Defense who was responsible for the "unprepared" military air plane became a senator.


Of course, in order to raise viewers’ emotions regarding this tragedy, TVN released a horrifying Terrain Awarness Warning System (TAWS) recording: "Terrain ahead," "terrain ahead," "pull up," "pull up," "pull up." Fact! But where did the broken "pull ..." go? Did the birch tree break it? How about all the electronics? They forget to mention that "TAWS 38" indicating the moment when the electronics went down was hidden, or rather brazenly and ineptly (because it is slightly visible) blurred on the MAK and Miller’s Commissions charts. The place of the collision with the ground was still 300 m ahead. Only there all the electronics should go dead.


The birch "cut down" the wing, this time (which I have already pointed out in previous articles) "obliquely to the axis of the plane." Well, Russian birches have it to themselves that when they cut wings, they flip left at the speed of light. He did not show that the birch "cut" with a zigzag as well, because he cleverly "cut off" the edge of the picture, protruding 20 cm from the "intersection" with the very end of the slot. And the pipes are straight! The metal pieces ("metal birds"), which "settled" on the branches of the unlucky birch tree, would also serve as evidence. Can you imagine a crow landing on a tree branch at a speed of 271 km/h? Well, and some remains of the plane stuck in a birch tree 3 days after the crash, because in the initial photos from Amielin there was not even a trace of them.


"The power of gust from the engines of the passing Tupolev threw Mr. Bodin [let's say he weighs 70 kg], working on the plot, on the back." I wonder why he was not "knocked down" by a dropped chassis that would have to dig the ground –as it was "flying" at a height of 5.5 m? But even more interesting, that "the strength of gust" did not even destroy the trash lying around the birch tree. And the Bodin’s shed is also standing.


How about the wing of the plane, which "swirled and flew behind the plane?" And it "flew" as far as 110 m from the birch tree!? But they did not say that. Because this requires the level of knowledge of just a high school student, and not Dr. Lasek. From the projection pattern in the horizontal free projection it follows that the wing would fly from the birch tree, taking into account the construction of the area, over a distance of 60 m. On top of it air resistance, thick bushes and tall trees must be taken into account.


"Let us note that the Russians brought a Tupolev according to an imprecise approach system." [!] Fact! "Due to uncut trees, the radars probably did not see a Tupolev at all." [!] Probable! But the navigators were "precise" and "seen" - they were "on the course and on the path"! He showed dilapidated radars that "could not precisely guide." Fact! But, was there only this equipment during Putin's landing two days earlier? It is not even worth mentioning "Tusk you-have-to!" because he has not been a significant person – just a puppet, "a Putin and Merkel man in Warsaw" and now in Brussels. Nothing will not help him. Tusk you-have-to ... answer for the greatest tragedy that happened to Poland after the Second World War! Had there been only such dilapidated equipment from 50 years ago at this airport, the navigators, Plusnin and Ryżkow with Gen. Benediktow, would "feed white bears" before the departure of Putin for Moscow three days earlier. Excellent homing devices can be installed within 6 hours. And Russians have such devices.


Taking into account the recent revelations under the codename "SS wafel" (after wafel cake for Hitler's birthday in the woods near Wodzisław), TVN license should have been revoked long time ago. And for the damage caused to Poland and Poles worldwide by the "reportage" in which TVN reporters were actively involved, there should already be a criminal prosecution.


Author: Antoni Górski
Source: www.express.olsztyn.pl
Photo: Express Olsztyn