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Appeal to Vote in 2015 Parliamentary Elections in Poland

Appeal to Vote in 2015 Parliamentary Elections in Poland

Published: October 7, 215


On behalf of the Polish Agenda of the Polish American Congress, I appeal to all Polish citizens residing in the United States to take advantage of their constitutional right and meet their constitutional duty to vote in the upcoming Polish parliamentary elections. Please make your voice heard!


Today, security and independence of Poland is once again threatened. Our forefathers taught us that defending Poland is our sacred duty. Please exercise your voting rights, the very rights denied to our ancestors and only recently won by the struggle of many generations. Please recall our credo - Poland is not lost as long as we live and care! By voting in thousands, we will make Poland stronger and more secure.


In the United States, the Polish parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 24, 2015, in 31 locations across the United States. Please register to vote as soon as possible. Registrations should be made on line at https://ewybory.msz.gov.pl or by calling the Embassy or the closest Consulate of the Republic of Poland.


Please vote in the upcoming elections to Sejm and Senate!


Thank you,
Maria Szonert Binienda
Vice President of Polish Affairs
Polish American Congress
October 5, 2015