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Open Letter to Mr. Netanyahu

 Letter to Mr. Netanyahu from Ms. Bozenna Urbanowicz

Published: May 28, 2018


Mr. Netanyahu, take back those hateful and untruthful words that Nazi Germany and Poland are responsible for the Holocaust of WWII. You are also asking Americans to agree with you. What in the world and who in the world made you thik that way? German Jews who always considered themselves German first and Jews second? Polish Jews always considered themselves Jews first. They were loyal to their faith. When other countries in Europe told the Jews to convert or to leave their country, some did convert, but most proud Jews chose not to. Poland opened its doors and ivited the Jews to come to poor Poland. They had representation in Poland's Congress giving them recognition and status as citizens of Poland. They invited their relatives and friends to come to Poland. An they did. They prospered in their profession as doctors, lawyers, poets, authors, musicians, etc. Poland was good to them and they were good citizens of a world that existed at that time. They had their own synagogues and temples and worshiped their God as their faith dictated. Great Jewish learning institutions were everywhere.


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Bizenna Urbanowicz letter 2Open Letter from Ms. Bozenna Urbanowicz


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