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Polish Liquid Gas Terminal Ready for Operation?

Polish liquid gas terminal ready for operation.

Published: November 23, 2015


The liquid gas terminal in northern Poland (LNG) is meant to decrease the country's energy dependence on Russia. The project is worth some PLN 3.5 billion. Roman Szul of University of Warsaw: "the 2010 Russian – Polish agreement on gas deliveries that are highly advantageous for Russia and to some extent contradictory to EU competition policy in gas industry.”


A problem of access to the port has emerged as the fairway to the port, located in the German territorial waters, will be blocked to bigger ships by the German-Russian pipeline of the Nord Stream put directly on the sea bottom. The German side has ignored Polish appeals to dig in the North Stream pipe into the sea bed. This behavior of the German side can be interpreted as an attempt to block the LNG terminal." The pipe has been placed at the depth of 15 m, not at 17 m as requested by Poland. Accordingly, there is a real concern that huge tankers with LNG may not be able to access the newly opened Swinoujście terminal in northern Poland.


The first tanker operated by Qatargas is set to arrive at its destination in Swinoujście on December 11, 2015. The tanker is carrying over 200,000 m3 of liquid natural gas (LNG). The tanker started its trip once Qatargas had conducted a successful audit of the Polish terminal, and confirmed that it can receive its first delivery of gas. The LNG terminal in northern Poland is meant to decrease the country's energy dependence on Russia. Qatargas is “the largest LNG producing company in the world, with an annual LNG production capacity of 42 million tons per annum (MTA),” it says on its website. (rg/di)


Source: Poland Forever and http://thenews.pl
Photo: polskielng.pl