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Why Poland must reform its judiciary?

Why Poland must reform its judiciary?

Published: July 23, 2017

Communism did NOT die in Poland in 1990. The communist criminals corrupted selected leaders of the Solidarity Movement by offering them power sharing arrangement. By securing cooperation with the Wałęsa faction of the Solidarity Movement, they effectively controlled Poland until October 2015 elections, thereby ensuring full impunity for their heinous crimes.


The Law and Justice Party led by Jarosław Kaczyński removed the communist criminals and their Solidarity puppets from power in the 2015 elections. For the first time since 1944, the non-communists took full control over Poland.


Today, the Polish people demand justice for horrific crimes committed by the communist regime in the period 1944 – 1990, and the quasi-communist regimes in the years 1990 – 2015 (See: DoomedSoldiers.com). The government led by the Law and Justice Party listens to its constituency and intends to keep its election promises.


Despite waves of brutal attacks and fake news approaching intensity of a hybrid warfare on Poland, the overwhelming majority of the Polish people unceasingly demand deep reforms of the justice system[1], the system which for decades have been serving the interests of anti-Polish elites hoarding benefits and privileges at the expense of common Polish citizens.


Today, the vast majority of people in Poland and the American Polonia who voted for Donald Trump demand justice for horrific communist crimes and the crimes of the quasi-communist period, including and not limited to:


(1) the unwarranted judiciary reversal of the results of democratic presidential elections in 1995[2] and judicial refusal to acknowledge the massive electoral fraud in 2014,


(2) persistent persecution of Solidarity heroes who refused to collaborate with communists - discrimination so intense that led to impoverishment of thousands of people,


(3) numerous unexplained deaths and outright political murders of political opponents and people with inconvenient knowledge about the Smoleńsk tragedy (See: Smolensk Crash News Digest),


(4) regular judiciary cover-ups for massive government corruption scandals like Amber Gold or Warsaw Re-privatisation,


(5) mafia-like unethical practices and massive corruption in the justice system.


Support the Polish Government in Reforming Dysfunctional Judiciary System

Support the Polish Government in Reforming Dysfunctional Judiciary System - Sign the Petition!

Accordingly, the heroic efforts of the Government of Prime Minister Szydło to redress large-scale past abuses of human rights, serious massive crimes, and treasonous acts of former government officials must be commended and strongly supported in order to ensure accountability, properly serve justice, and, at last, achieve true and just reconciliation in Poland.


Source: Current Events Poland




[1.] http://bit.ly/2vMWuxr
[2.] Despite 650 000 formal election protests and against facts acknowledges by the court itself, the Polish High Court rejected them opening up the way to a decade of post-communist rule of President Kwaśniewski : http://bit.ly/2vN4gHg